Our Objectives

To identify the needs of our teachers and students and organize specific service oriented programs for them.

To develop a modern curriculum, enriched with material, so as to enhance the teaching and learning process.

To develop effective teachings aids and acquaint teachers with the latest pedagogical skills.

To Encourage and co-ordinate innovative practices, actions, research, experimentation, survey, etc directed towards modern global educational system.

To make an effort towards initiating creativity in teaching in order to enhance the learning process through the following steps:

  • Developing curiosity and wide interest in intellectual matter at an early age.
  • Including a variety of learning tasks in the curriculum as some children prefer learning by discovery rather than by imitation.
  • Infusing more stimuli into the learning experience.
  • Asking questions that encourage original responses.
  • Accepting and valuing unique responses when initiated by the children.
  • Developing progressive and creative activities from simple to complex.
  • Avoiding giving examples when seeking creative efforts.
  • Moving on from traditional to untraditional mode of communication with a view to provoking new ideas.
  • Providing scope for imaginative activities.
  • Providing time and scope for slow learners.