Teaching & Curriculum

St. Stephen’s School, Habra is probably the only school in its immediate vicinity that is gradually blooming into a multifaceted institution. Our next step is directed towards upgrading it to a Higher Secondary School offering ISC curriculum with science, Humanities and Commerce streams. The school has a well laid out campus, large airy classrooms, science and computer laboratories, a library and a healthy Teacher-Student relationship.

At St.Stephen’s School, we believe in comprehensive learning which means beyond books. It also means giving the children a chance to experience what is stated in the books whenever possible. With this in mind, the school has three well equipped science laboratories. Children get a feel of what they study in class and understand better. The teachers have efficient laboratory assistants to guide and help students.

Co-curricular activities help to bring out the innermost qualities in a child. It is a proven fact that such activities will pay rich dividends in the days to come. It helps in the multidimensional growth of a child and gives him/her multiple choices in life. Whenever a talent is spotted in a child, our teachers help him/her to polish it to the fullest. An entire line up of activities takes place in schools where all children are encouraged to participate. There are inter-house or inter-school events, talents contests, debates, exhibition, sports and cultural events, all of which are cradles for nurturing talent. One must not forget that leaders, be it local, national or international are born in school.

We believe that a teacher is not a paid employee who does a stipulated job within a stipulated hour. A teacher’s objective must not be merely to keep his students pass examinations. A teacher should be an agent of personal development, individual growth and social transformation. All our teachers have taken up this challenge and are wholeheartedly committed to paying attention to a child’s smallest needs and to cleaning any doubts they have. They believe that there is a seed of greatness in every child.

For us missionaries, the Church is as important as the school if not more. God dwells in every heart beat and every breath we take. To bring everyone closer to God, we have a Chapel where students and the local community can share their moments with God. Our School Chaplain is always at hand to guide and to counsel all who visit the Chapel. Regular services are held for the local community